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Dr. Qasim Ali (PhD) has vast experience of teaching. He has been teaching the students since 1998 and has taught nearly all levels of students from lower to higher classes.

Dr. Qasim Ali is also Founder & Chair-Person of World Evergreen Foundation (WEF)☘🌴.World Evergreen Foundation🌴🌳☘ aims to plant more than ten billion fruit trees in the World. InshaAllah. https://www.facebook.com/WorldEvergre…

He is Vice President of Ph.D Doctors Association and CEO at PagePal📒📚 http://pagepal.org/

The purpose of this channel is to help the Urdu speaking community/students to learn English in an easy and quick way. Most of the videos are to improve the basic skills and are for beginners. All the videos uploaded on this channel belong to respected Owner. Keep watching and enjoy!

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